Sue Tootoonchian
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Sue Tootoonchian

Sue’s education started with BA in Economics at Kingston University (1982), followed by an MSc in Economics at London School of Economics (1984) and an MBA at London Metropolitan University (1997). She began her teaching career at Kingston University in 1984 as a lecturer in quantitative methods. She then joined London Met in 1985 and became a senior lecturer in applied economics and quantitative methods in 1988.

Sue was also a lecturer in microeconomics and macroeconomics at the International Summer School in Economics at London School of Economics during 1990-96. She has been involved in teaching business mathematics and statistics, econometrics, international economy, economics of multinational enterprise, economics of human resources, global economic environment, business economics, international business, microeconomics and macroeconomics on a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses over time.

Furthermore, she has successfully supervised a number of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations. Sue is currently Academic Liaison Tutor for BSc Financial Services as part of an external collaborative link with Vietnam (2016-17). She has held many different administrative roles such as Course Leader for BA International Hospitality and Tourism Management (2008-10), Academic Liaison Tutor for an external collaborative link with INSTROCT-Iran (2008-10), Course Leader for BA Hospitality Management and BA International Hotel and Catering Management (1990-98), Year 2 Tutor for BA Business Economics (2012-14), a member of the Business School Quality Committee (1992-96) and the Teaching and Learning Committee (1993-95), Enterprise in Higher Education Coordinator (1994-95), Profiling Project Leader (1993-95) and Academic Tutor to name a few. She has also been involved in the Metal Project, Enhancing Teaching and Learning Mathematics (2007-08).


She has recently taught: 
  • Quantitative Methods for Economics at Certificate Level 4
  • Empirical Methods in Economics & Finance at Intermediate Level 5
  • Business Economics at Intermediate Level 5
  • Economics of Multinational Enterprise at Advanced level 6
  • Economics of Human Resources at Advanced Level 6
  • Competitive Business Environment at Master level 7 
Sue's interests in research: 
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in developing countries 
  • economic growth and FDI in developing countries 
  • discrimination in the labour market
  • labour migration
  • globalisation of the apparel industry
  • IT based learning and teaching in Economics and Quantitative Methods   
  • "Leadership, Gender and Cultural Perspectives" at MBA conference at ICA, London
  • "Clothing the Tigers" - A comparative Analysis of the Apparel Market in Japan and South Korea.

Sue was a guest speaker at Lyon 3 University , Lyon, France, Bahar Institute, Tehran, Iran, INSTROCT, Tehran, Iran

Sue Tootoonchian
Senior Lecturer in Applied Economics and Quantitative Methods