Sharmila Savani
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Sharmila Savani is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at London Metropolitan University. She holds an MSc in Marketing (2006) from Brunel University, Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education (2002), BA (Hons) Business Studies (2000) and is a Chartered Marketer.

Sharmilla Savani

Prior to joining London Met Sharmila gained experience as a business studies Lecturer at a further education college. In addition, she worked as a Customer Account Manager for a pharmaceutical research organisation and also has experience of working as a market research analyst within the foodservice industry.

Sharmila’s key teaching areas have included principles and practice in marketing, brand management, marketing planning and strategy as well as services marketing. She has also supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students within the field of marketing communications.

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Sharmila Savani
Senior Lecturer in Marketing