Professor Michael Newman

Michael Newman is an Emeritus Professor at London Metropolitan University and is a Distinguished Research Fellow at New York University London. His PhD was in Politics at the University of Oxford (Exeter College).

Professor Michael Newman

Professor Michael Newman

Mike is an Emeritus Professor at the University, having been a Professor of Politics since 1992, while also holding a Jean Monnet Personal Chair in European Integration Studies from 1996. He played a leading role in European Studies at the University and, from 2002 until his retirement in 2010, also in Peace and Conflict Studies.  He has acted as an adviser to the Peacebuilding, NGO, International Alert, on several projects.

Mike’s major interests are in: Socialism and the Left, Peace, and Europe. He has taught a variety of courses in these fields at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including the supervision of many research students.

Single Authored Books

  • Socialism: A Very Short Introduction (new edition, updated and revised), Oxford University Press (2020)
  • Transitional Justice: Contending with the Past, Polity Press (2019).
  • Six Authors in Search of Justice: Engaging with Political Transitions, Hurst and OUP (US), 2016.
  • Humanitarian Intervention: Confronting the Contradictions, Hurst and Columbia University Press 2009
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  • John Strachey, Manchester University Press, 1989
  • Socialism and European Unity: The Dilemma of the Left in Britain and France, Hurst, 1983.

Edited Books

  • Democratizing the European Union: Issues for the Twenty-First Century, Co-edited with Catherine Hoskyns, Manchester University Press, 2000; Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, 2007.
  • European Integration in the 21st Century: Unity in Diversity? (Co-edited with Stefano Fella and Mary Farrell) Sage 2002
  • Economic Policy Making and the European Union (co-edited with Frank Brouwer and Valerio Lintner), Federal Trust, 1994
  • Mitterrand’s France, Co-edited with Sonia Mazey, Croom Helm, 1987.

Chapters and Articles since 2000

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