Marcella De Marco
Marcella De Marco

Marcella De Marco

Marcella is a senior Lecturer in Translation BA (Hons). She is interested in the field of education, languages and translation, and in particular, audiovisual translation.

Her main academic interests are related to audiovisual translation and gender studies, which constitute the subjects of her current research, which focuses on the contribution that dubbing and subtitling can make in strengthening or weakening the perpetuation of gender stereotypes. Apart from translation, she has also taught languages (Spanish and Italian) and has experience as a freelance translator. Marcella has published various articles on translation and Hispanic philology, has presented papers at international conferences and she has been invited to give talks on her research area in seminars and workshops in British, Spanish and Italian universities.

Marcella's qualifications include:

  • PhD in Audiovisual Translation and Gender Studies (University of Vic, Spain)
  • MPhil in Audiovisual Translation (Roehampton University, London)
  • BA in Foreign Languages and Literatures (University of Bari, Italy)
  • BA in Hispanic Philology (University of Gerona, Spain)

Marcella has taught the following modules: 


  • Practical Resources for Translators
  • The Translator and Language
  • Specialist Translation Domains
  • Translation Project
  • Theoretical Aspects of Translation


  • Subtitling
  • The Translator and Specialised Text I
  • The Translator and Specialised Text II
  • Independent Translation Project
  • Supervision of MA dissertations
  • Co-supervision of PhD dissertation

Third Stream:

  • Summer School
  • Intensive Subtitling Course

Authored books

  • De Marco, Marcella (2012) Audiovisual Translation through a Gender Lens. Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi  

Edited books

  • De Marco, Marcella and Toto, Piero (eds.) (forthcoming 2018) Gender Approaches in the Translation Classroom: Training the Doers. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan  

Articles in journals

  • De Marco, Marcella (2016) ‘The “engendering” approach in AVT’. Target: International Journal of Translation Studies. Special Issue: Audiovisual Translation. Theoretical and Methodological Challenges, 28 (2), 314-325
  • Corrius, Montse; De Marco, Marcella and Espasa, Eva (2016) ‘Situated Learning and Situated Knowledge: Gender and Translating Audiovisual Adverts’. The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, 10 (1), 59-75
  • Corrius, Montse; De Marco, Marcella and Espasa, Eva (2016) ‘Gender and the Translation of Non-profit Advertising’. Revista de Lenguas para Fines Específicos, 22 (2), 31-61
  • De Marco, Marcella (2014-2015) ‘Bridging the gap between Gender (Studies) and (Audiovisual) Translation’. In Chaume, F. and Richart, M. (eds.) Special volume of Prosopopeya: Revista de crítica contemporánea: Traducción, ideología y poder en la ficción audiovisual, 9, 99-109
  • De Marco, Marcella (2006) ‘Audiovisual translation from a gender perspective’. The Journal of Specialised Translation, 6, 167-184
  • De Marco, Marcella (2004) ‘Tecnicismos y cultismos en el “Lapidario” de Alfonso X el Sabio’. Hesperia. Anuario de Filología Hispánica, VII, 37-56  

Chapters in books

  • Corrius, Montse; De Marco, Marcella and Espasa, Eva (forthcoming 2017) ‘Balancing gender awareness and professional priorities in advertising and audiovisual translation: an overview’. In Santaemilia, J. (ed.) (2017) Traducir para la igualdad sexual / Translating for Sexual Equality. Granada: Comares.
  • De Marco, Marcella (2011) ‘Bringing gender into the subtitling classroom’. In Incalcaterra McLoughlin, L; Biscio, M. and Ní Mhainnín, M. Á. (eds.) Audiovisual Translation: Subtitles and Subtitling – Theory and Foreign Language Practice. New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien: Peter Lang, 139-155
  • De Marco, Marcella (2009) ‘Gender portrayal in dubbed and subtitled comedies’. In Díaz Cintas, J. (ed.) New Trends in Audiovisual Translation. Bristol, Buffalo & Toronto: Multilingual Matters, 176-194

Book reviews

  • Synthesis 4 (2012): Translation and Authenticity in a Global Setting, 194-197 antaemilia, J. and von Flotow, L. (eds.) (2011) Woman and Translation: Geographies, Voices and Identities. MonTI 
  • Journal of Gender Studies (December 2012, Vol. 21 (4)), 417-432  Federici, E. (ed) (2011) Translating Gender. Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien: Peter Lang

Marcella is available for research, consultancy for gender and translation-related projects.

Dr Marcella De Marco
Senior lecturer Translation