Karen Lyons

Photo of a female Emeritus Professor (International Social Work) Karen Lyons

Karen Lyons

Karen Lyons (PhD, CQSW) came to London Metropolitan University in 2004 after 27 years at the University of East London, where she undertook a range or roles, most recently as Professor of Social Work. Her research has focused on social work career patterns, recently including international labour mobility of social workers, and social work as a discipline in higher education. 

Comparative welfare and development of social work in Europe and globally have also been major themes in Karen's publications. Her current activities include doctoral student supervision and examining; and writing and editorial work. She is also involved with a voluntary organisation supporting the development of social work (education) in Malawi.

Karen's recent publications include:

  • Lyons, K (2015, on line) Globalization, welfare and social work, in Wright, J D (editor in chief), International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioural Sciences (second edition), Oxford, Elsevier, pages 262-267

  • Hanna, S and Lyons, K (2014) Challenges facing international social workers: English managers' perceptions, International Social Work, published online, 9 September 2014

  • Littlechild, B and Lyons, K (2014) Social Work Education in the UK, in Noble, C and Strauss, H and Littlechild, B (eds) Global Social Work Education: Crossing borders and blurring boundaries, Sydney, University of Sydney IASSW

  • Lyons, K and Huegler, N (2013) Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Encyclopedia of Social Work, Oxford University Press online publication
  • Lyons, K Hokenstad, T Pawar, M and Huegler, N (eds) (2012) SAGE Handbook of International Social Work, Sage, London, ISBN 978-0-85702-333-9

  • Lyons, K Heugler, N and Pawar, M (2012) Setting the Scene, Chapter 1 in Lyons et al (eds) op.cit.

Karen Lyons

Emeritus Professor (International Social Work)