Istteffanny Isloure Araujo

Istteffanny Isloure Araujo (Stef) is a Lecturer in the School of Computing and Digital Media. She is also the course leader for Computer Networking and Cybersecurity – BSc Hons

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Dr Istteffanny Isloure Araujo (Stef): Istteffanny Isloure Araujo received her PhD in Cybersecurity, M.Sc. and BSc degrees in Computer Forensics and IT Security and Computer Science from London Metropolitan University in 2024, 2015 and 2013, respectively. She is part of the Intelligent Systems Research Group of the School of Computing and Digital Media.


Stef has worked as part of the teaching team on modules such as Security in Computing, Network and Cloud Security, Cyber Security Fundamentals, Databases, Ethical Hacking, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity, Programming (Python and Java), Fundamentals of Computing, Networks and Operating Systems, Games Programming, and Introduction to Information Systems. Istteffanny has numerous Scientific Peer Reviewed Papers, Book Collaborations, Book Chapters and Conferences publications, recently a contribution to the worldwide publication of the book Cryptography and Network Security from William Stallings 8th edition from 2023.

Stef interests are on Big Data Advances and Digital Data Security, such as Information Hiding for Intellectual Property, Privacy and Copyrights, Improvement of Mobile Security, Cybercrime Forensic Investigation, Technologies to Locate Missing Individuals, Secure Design Networks, Network Investigations, Cryptography and Encryption Studies. She is a Senior Lecturer in Cybersecurity, Networking and Computer Science, Course Leader of BSc. Computer Networking and Cybersecurity, Personal Academic Tutor and Personal Academic Coach of a large Cohort, and Supervisor of Final BSc, and MSc Projects University in the School of Computing and Digital Media at London Metropolitan.

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A successful transformation grant (£1,000) in 2022-2023 provided a basis to work on a common research area of Malicious Mobile App. It resulted in publications such as a 2024 conference paper and another ongoing project.

Istteffanny Isloure Araujo

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Cybersecurity

Course Leader of Computer Networking and Cybersecurity BSc (Hons)


Stef has eight scientific publications and recently contributed to the worldwide publication of the book Cryptography and Network Security from William Stallings' 8th global edition from 2023.