Erika Barnett
Erika Barnett is a senior lecturer in law, supervising solicitor at the London Met Pro Bono Legal Advice Clinic, a pro bono clinic staffed by students that is open to the general public. Erika is also a practising housing management solicitor. 
Erika has been practising law for more than 10 years and has gained practice experience in both legal aid firms and private practice. Erika went on to specialise in Social Housing Law and has experience representing tenants as well as landlords in all aspects of social housing including, but not limited to:
  • all grounds for possession (particularly anti-social behaviour and rent arrears)
  • successions
  • injunctions
  • homelessness
  • disrepair
Erika Barnett

Erika Barnett

At London Met, Erika is the Housing Law module leader, as well as one of the tutors for Criminal Law and Wills and Estates. 
Erika will be working closely with students while developing and supervising the University's pro-bono clinic in the areas of housing, employment and consumer law. 

Erika Barnett
Senior Lecturer in Law