Eileen O'Keefe

Eileen is Emeritus Professor of Public Health at London Metropolitan University. 

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Eileen O'Keefe

Eileen is Emeritus Professor of Public Health at London Metropolitan University. Her research since 2004 has been funded by the Nuffield Foundation, Economic and Social Research Council and Breast Cancer Concern. She leads the London Met team in the 'New York – London Tackling Childhood Obesity' collaboration and a British Council-supported project with the University of the Western Cape.

Eileen is a member of the London Teaching Public Health Network steering group. She has served on the Community Development Forum of the London Health Commission and as chairperson of an inner London comprehensive school. Her work with the artist Johnny Spencer has been exhibited at the Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, the Top Room and Chelsea Space. Selected publications include:

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Eileen O'Keefe
Emeritus Professor of Public Health
School of Social Professions