Catherine Schumann
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Catherine Schumann

Catherine primarily delivers practice education programmes in social work. Prior to being a university lecturer, she worked as a social worker, working in Adults and children services. Catherine has also worked as a training officer delivering training on the protection of children into two Local authorities. Catherine is the course lead for practice education stage 1 and 2.


  • Certificate of Qualification in Social Work, Diploma in social sciences, advance award in social work
  • MA Social Work, Education and Training 
  • MSc Education, Research, and Policy


Professional qualifications

  • Approved Social work 
  • Accredited Practice Educator 
  • Approved trainer for childcare and in child protection


Catherine has a keen interest in practice education, particularly in relation to developing students social work identities through practice teaching. Her research for MSc in education, research and  policy, focussed on what is the role of the first practice placement in the process of becoming a 'good' social worker?' Catherine has presented some of her findings at four European conferences ( Barcelona, Croatia, Holland, and Belgium)  on practice education. 

Catherine Schumann
Senior Lecturer in Social Work