Dr Antía Mato-Bouzas

Dr Antía Mato-Bouzas is a reader in politics and international relations. 

Dr Antía Mato-Bouzas

Dr Antía Mato-Bouzas

Before joining London Metropolitan University Antía worked as a researcher at Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient in Berlin. She also taught in the department of Political and Social Sciences at Freie Universität, Berlin. Her field of specialisation is South Asian politics. 
Antía's research has a regional focus on South Asia and the Gulf. Her research interests are on the theme of borders, migration and citizenship. She is associate fellow of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and a member of the Global Diversities and Inequalities Research Centre. Antía is happy to do PhD supervision on her areas of expertise.
Antía's teaching responsibilities include the modules 'Global Wealth and Inequality: Introduction to International', 'Perspectives from the Global South' and 'Immigrants and Nativists'.

Books (authored)

  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2019. Kashmir as a Borderland: the politics of space and belonging across the Line of Control (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press).
  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2011. India y Pakistán: Conflicto y Negociación en el Sur de Asia [India and Pakistan: Conflict and Negotiation in South Asia], (Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva).

Edited volumes

  • Mato Bouzas, A. and Lorenzo Casini. 2022. Migration in the Making of the Gulf Space: Social, Political, and Cultural Interactions (New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books).

Selected journal articles, book chapters and working papers

  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2023. Making State Space: The Symbolic Reorganization of Borders in the Kashmir Borderland. In The Palgrave Handbook of New Directions in Kashmir Studies, ed. by Haley Duschinski, Mona Bhan and Cabeiri Robinson (Palgrave MacMillan Cham, Springer), 381–395.
  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2022. Introduction. In Migration in the Making of Gulf Space: Social, Political, and Cultural Dimensions, eds. Antia Mato Bouzas and Lorenzo Casini (New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books), 1–18. Available online.
  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2021. Framing Religion in a Transnational Space: migration, development cooperation and faith solidarity between the Gulf and Pakistan. In Claiming and Making Muslim Worlds: Religion and Society in the Context of the Global World, ed. Jeanine Dagyeli, Ulrike Freitag and Claudia Ghrawi (Berlin, Boston: de Gruyter), 31–53.
  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2018. From the Karakoram Mountains to the Arabian Sea: Migration, Development and Religion in the Making of Transnational Spaces, ZMO Working Papers 21. Available online.
  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2017. Territorialisation, Ambivalence and Representational Spaces in Gilgit-Baltistan, Transcultural Studies (1), pp. 197–223.
  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2017. (B) Ordering and the Politics of Belonging, Saint Antony’s International Review 12 (2), pp. 114–135.
  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2016. The Kashmir space: bordering and belonging across the Line of Control, Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales (REEI) 31.
  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2014. Space(s) and Place(s) in the Baltistan and Ladakh Disputed Borders, in Tracing Connections: Explorations of Places and Spaces in Asian Multilocalities, eds. Henryk Alff, Andreas Benz (Berlin: Wvb), 91–108.
  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2013. Securitization and Development as Modes of Peripheralization in North-Eastern Pakistan, in Peripheralization: The Making of Spatial Dependencies and Social Injustice, eds. Andrea Fisher-Tahir and Matthias Naumann (Berlin: Springer), 77–98.
  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2012. Mixed Legacies in Contested Borderlands: Skardu and the Kashmir Dispute, Geopolitics 17 (4), 867–86. [Reprinted in 2014 Critical Border Studies: Broadening and Deepening the 'Lines in the Sand' Agenda, eds. Noel Parker and Neil Vaughan-Williams (London: Routledge), 141-160.]

Book reviews

  • Mato Bouzas, A. 2021. Review of Resisting Disappearance: military occupation and women’s activism in Kashmir by Ather Zia (Washington: University of Washington Press, 2019), European Bulletin of Himalayan Research 56. Available online


  • Grant of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) for the project: Emerging Transnational Spaces: Migration and development networks between north-eastern Pakistan and the Gulf (2017-20)
Antía Mato Bouzas has talked to the media on political issues of India, Pakistan and Kashmir.
Dr Antía Mato-Bouzas
Reader in Politics and International Relations
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