Akanksha Jamwal

Dr Akanksha Malik Jamwal is a Lecturer in Human Resource Management at London Met within Guildhall School of Business & Law. 

Akanksha Jamwal

Akanksha is BA Psychology, MA in Organisational Psychology and PhD in Management with specialization in Organisational Behaviour from Indian Institute of Delhi, India.

Akanksha's teaching experience revolves around organisational behaviour and human resource management, for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. She has taught a diverse range of modules, including those focused on managing workplace, employee relations, cross-cultural management and international human resource management.

Currently she is teaching modules with specific focus on organisational behaviour and cross-cultural management. She enjoys teaching topics and modules around employee wellbeing, fairness and organisational behaviour. She also supervises Masters and Phd students.

Akanksha is an active researcher. Her research interests lies in understanding the implications of technology at workplace, employee deviance and well being. She also has an interest on studying entrepreneurial well-being.

Her PhD research focussed on workplace deviance with respect to its causes, consequences and its normalization at workplace.

Dr Akanksha Malik Jamwal, Lecturer HRM, Deputy Director-Performance with Purpose Research Centre, a.jamwal@londonmet.ac.uk