Islington Education Awards honours local teaching and support staff

London Met was proud to sponsor the 2022 Teacher of the Year category at the Awards.

Date: 24 June 2022

The Islington Education Awards, an annual celebration of the borough’s teachers and support staff who have shown ambition, innovation, and excellence was held at the Barbican on Monday 20 June.

Hosted by The Chase’s Paul Sinha, the Awards, now in their fourth year, also saw awards presented by actors Christopher Eccleston and Dame Sian Phillips.

Paul Sinha commented, “You never know quite what you’re going to get when you host an awards ceremony, but the key to the Islington Education Awards was how absolutely empathetic and engaged the audience was with every aspect of it.” Dame Sian Phillips described the event as “the only awards worth going to”, while Christopher Eccleston called the evening “joyous, because you feel like no matter who wins, no matter who’s nominated, they’re all in it together.”

London Met sponsors the Islington Community of Schools (ICOS) event as part of the ongoing commitment to enhancing opportunities through education. This year the university sponsored the 2022 Teacher of the Year award. 

Sophie Cloutterbuck, Director of London Engagement at London Met, was one of four judges of the awards. She attended the event and presented the award for Curriculum Team or Teacher Award for secondary school education.

Speaking ahead of the event, Sophie said: “Teachers have worked incredibly hard to continue educating students throughout a couple of very challenging years. London Met has a long-held commitment to enhancing opportunities through education, and we are delighted to celebrate the achievements of our extraordinary local schools and colleges at the Islington Education Awards.”

Katerina Jedlickova, Class Teacher and Art Coordinator at Richard Cloudesley School, took home the Teacher of the Year Award. Nominating her for the ICOS award, her colleagues said: “Her knowledge of sensory input and how it will benefit student’s education is amazing! Katerina brings excitement and engagement to the students who benefit from her teaching”

Sophie Cloutterbuck, Katerina Jedlickova and Paul Sinha with award