Transforming lives through education

An event hosted by international education publication the PIE explored collaboration and partnership between US and UK higher education institutions.

Date: 4 February 2022

London Met's Director of Student Recruitment and Business Development, Jennifer Wilkinson, took part in a panel event exploring the future of student recruitment in a post pandemic world.

The event, hosted by international education publication the PIE, focused on driving successful student recruitment through partnerships and sustainable UK-US collaboration models.

The webinar explained tried-and-tested brand-building methods remain incredibly powerful, and continue to be the cornerstone of successful international student recruitment strategies. Innovative partnerships between UK and US institutions, having expert in-country partners and understanding new ways of evaluating and improving the student experience remain of crucial importance.

Jennifer explained that at London Met, "We work with a diverse range of partners and students to make sure that we engage different groups to engage in international mobility than you might normally expect."

"Whether that's through tangible support through things such as scholarships, or simply through entering spaces where often the opportunity to study overseas for a degree or for a shorter experience isn't normally presented as a viable option."

"We really want to transform those lives through the power of education both in the UK and internationally."

Alongside Jennifer, the panel consisted of Ryan Astor, Partner Success Manager, Sannam S4, USA; and Jeet Joshee, Associate Vice President and Dean, California State University - Long Beach, USA.

It was chaired by Nick Golding, Business Development Director, The PIE.