Fact or fiction?: Event series to support public decision making

An expert panel will answer questions on vaccinations, masks, social distancing and the nature and behaviour of the COVID-19 virus itself.

Date: 10 March 2021

The London Met Lab is set to deliver a series of knowledge exchange events, to help the local community make informed decisions and to understand the public health messages that are being shared regarding the COVID pandemic.

Dr Una Fairbrother, who is co-organising the event series said, “In response to the pandemic and the particular anxieties we can have surrounding the safety of vaccinations, the efficacy of masks and social distancing and the nature and behaviour of the COVID-19 virus itself, our expert panel will answer your pre-submitted questions and explore with you the topics that most concern you and our community. This is your opportunity to ask things that you may have been shouting at the TV for months, to clarify complex topics and to understand how it all relates to you.”

They will focus on three topics: The COVID vaccination, masks and social distancing; and COVID-19: the virus.

The panel will comprise 6-8 expert members from our university academic staff. Staff will vary depending on the questions and topics to be covered. It will include: Dr Una Fairbrother, Prof Jameel Inal, Prof Sheelagh Hugh, Dr Dee Bhakta, Prof Chris Chandler, Dr Anna Baker, Dr Lutfiye Salih, Dr Samireh Jorfi, and Dr Stephen Hills.

The events have been organised in response to the need for unbiased two-way discourse in which London Met, and our research community more generally, should aspire to be part of. The events are open to all, and questions welcomed from all – no topic of major interest will remain unaddressed. 

The events can be accessed at the following times via the links below, with each theme being addressed at two separate times: 


woman wearing science goggles