Expert comment: Seven MPs resign from the Labour Party

Dr Peter Laugharne, an expert in Politics and International Relations at London Metropolitan University, offers his insight into the resignation of seven Labour MPs on 18 February 2019.

Date: 19 February 2019

Dr Peter Laugharne, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, said:

"The breakaway group of seven former Labour MPs is an important development in Labour and British Politics. Its full significance is contingent upon whether this is an isolated event, or whether it marks the beginning of a series of defections from Labour and possibly other parties.

"As it is, the seven do not form a critical mass that will have a substantial effect on British politics. Were the group to increase in size and/or coalesce as a formal political party then in a parliament with a minority government and with the two major parties riven by disagreement the prospects of it making a material difference would rise substantially. British politics is increasingly febrile, so watch this space!"

Dr Peter Laugharne