Youth and social care degree students help to fund education for Abuko's young people

Students from Youth Work, Youth Studies and other social care courses have organised a campaign with KORI, a community charity, to fund education for young people living The Gambia.

Veronica Mason, Course Leader for BSc Youth Studies travelled to Abuko, The Gambia in December 2015 with KORI, a north London community and youth charity, to deliver a programme for the Abuko Youth Community.  

The trip, led by KORI Director Odiri Ighamre, marked the continuation of the Vessel summer programme carried out by Kori in July, where a Abuko Youth Community was formed to take the lead on developing youth work and informal learning spaces within the community.  

Veronica was part of a team which developed a similar programme, and has since been actively promoting this work in her classes. Students from the courses BSc Youth Studies and BSc Youth Work have been leading the donation drive. With donations from students in other social care programmes in the School of Social Professions, £480 has been raised. Proceeds from the campaign will be used to provide one year's college education and accreditation to young people whose families are unable to cover these costs (the equivalent of £80).  

Veronica would like to thank students in modules SW4005, SS5010 and SW6P00 for their support and generousity, as well as Student Hub staff and other teaching staff who have made contributions.

KORI is a community charity working in Gambia