World Social Work Day 2016

The Social Work Department hosted a hugely successful World Social Work Day on 15 March 2016. The theme for the celebration was "Promoting the Dignity and Worth of Peoples." The event enabled students, academic educators, researchers and practitioners to celebrate social work and explore the complexities of the socio-political context of contemporary practice. 

The event was very well attended and positive feedback was received from all the delegates. Various guest speakers shared their experience around a host of key social work issues. Dr Allister Butler, Head of the Social Work Department at London Met, referenced the opportunity to celebrate the social work profession in his speech, in addition to outlining the challenges that lie ahead for the profession. London Met’s emeritus professor for International Social Work, Karen Lyons, delivered a presentation on social work as a global profession. Rebecca Edge, an MSc Social Work student, gave a presentation on her placement experience in Islington by discussing motivational social work (a new interventionist model). Dr Sukhwinder Singh from the University of Northampton shared his experiences around international social work with specific reference to the Red Cross initiatives in East Africa. 

Image from the conference of people posing for the camera