Window Space: Oliver Hickmet

The End is the Beginning is the End by Oliver Hickmet is part of the long-term curatorial project organised by onepointfiveone.

Oliver Hickmet's The End is the Beginning is the End

The event opens on Thursday 2 March, 6 to 8pm and runs until 2 April 2017.

Is It Bright Where You Are?

onepointfiveone presents The End is the Beginning is the End by Oliver Hickmet from Thursday 2 March through to Sunday 2 April 2017. This presentation is the second in a series of five commissioned events, part of the long-term curatorial project onepointfiveone that takes place in the Window Space through to June 2017.

The End is the Beginning is the End explores the way in which our experiences today are mediated through technology. Hickmet’s work negotiates the space between reality and the imaginary by questioning the way in which reality is packaged and reformed. In order to address the discrepancy between how things appear and how things actually are, Hickmet investigates the branding and dissemination of invented spaces, as they are packaged and redistributed through the global subconscious.

With reference to the commercial window display acting as a means to present the idealised product of human imagination, The End is the Beginning is the End deploys the use of imagery and language of advertising through video and text. Videos Roll Baby and A Foreboding Scene of Impending Happiness are accompanied by a newly commissioned poem, The End is the Beginning is the End. The Window Space becomes a meditation on reality and artifice in the digital era – now we can begin.

Oliver Hickmet (born 1992, Crawley, UK) is a London-based artist whose practice aims to decode the condition of places within their networks, exploring how they are mediated via technology and in what way such tools are reconfiguring our own orientation and lived experience. Recent exhibitions include No Place Like Home, The Telfer Gallery (Glasgow, 2016), For You! I'd Do Anything, Tritongatan5, Gothenburg (Sweden, 2015), Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, HilbertRaum (Berlin, 2016) and 24k Gold Rita, Caustic Coastal (Manchester, 2015).

Photograph of a ball in water, part of the artwork by Oliver Hickmet.

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2  March - 2 April 2017


Thursday 2 March, 6-8 pm

Location Window Space, The Cass, Central House
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