What's The Matter

Cass Lecturers work in exhibition exploring designs for the phygital future curated by Frame Magazine.

Cass Interiors lecturer Rachel Harding is one of the designers curated by Frame magazine for What's The Matter, an exhibition exploring the 'phygital future' at Milan Design Week 2016.
Known for objects or spaces preceded by playful experiments with pattern, illusion, colour and material, Rachel Harding believes "we are seeing the emergence of a post-internet aesthetic." Employing RGB and CMYK colours digitally, Harding made a fluorescent lamp that features spectrum glass and gushes rainbow-hued illumination.
What's the Matter? is curated by Frame magazine and is an experiential exhibition at Milan Design Week. The magazine has teamed up-and-coming designers with prominent brands to explore and expose their interpretations of a phygital future. With the scenography skills of Studio Laviani, Frame will transform La Posteria in Milan's Brera district into an immersive exhibition that stimulates – and sometimes even tricks – the senses.

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Date 12 - 17 April 2016
Website Frame