Visiting Professor shares personal experience with HRM students.

Visiting Professor John Scott gave an inspirational talk at the annual CIPD North London Branch prize evening.

Date: 08/12/2015

Visiting Professor John Scott gave an inspirational talk at the annual CIPD North London Branch prize evening on his experiences of hiking the Appalachian Trail. This long-distance hike down the east coast of the USA (the equivalent of walking from London to Damascus!) tests not only strength and willpower but also the ability to lead, motivate and manage relationships. As such there are clear parallels to managing and leading staff, and how organisations can improve to gain greater success. John explained lessons for managing teams, motivating yourself as well as your staff and the necessity of having a clear and focussed goal. 
John also spoke to students studying cross-cultural management about his experiences of managing global careers in the Middle East. John drew upon his time as HR Director for PWC, working in Jordan, to explain the difficulties facing organisations in promoting employee mobility within a region. John focussed on aspects such as the difficulties of getting visas to enable staff to move, pay structures and differentials between locals and expatriates, and the cultural issues surrounding managing gender diversity in expatriation. John explained how Western assumptions of expatriation are turned on their head in the Middle East and how a different approach to managing expatriation is needed. He also spoke to students about them pursuing an international career, giving them tips and advice to take their own international mobility forward.
The talk was fascinating and highly enjoyable. To relate the world of HRM to such a personal journey was also of immense significance given the context of the evening. Students who had studied for their CIPD qualifications were awarded CIPD Branch prizes, supported by current students who are on their own journey of learning and gaining qualifications. 
Our courses regularly benefit from guest speakers and visiting professors who bring a range of experiences and career advice into the classroom settings.
Visiting professor John Scott