Visiting professor addresses MA HRM students on Middle East talent management

Date: 17/11/2014

MA HRM students, along with their colleagues on the MBA, were delighted to hear from visiting professor John Scott who brought their teaching session on the effect of culture on international human resource management to life with his experiences of managing talent in the Middle East at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

John explained how Western models on, and approaches to talent management are turned on their head in a different cultural and regulatory environment. He provided examples of reward, working time and diversity practices to illustrate his presentation. Discussion with students from the Middle East enabled all of the audience to learn from first-hand experiences of the region. Cultural differences between the Middle East and the West at a regional level were discussed as well as intra-regional differences between countries in the Middle East. The discussion session was then framed and explained theoretically by HRM team leader Dr. Sue Shortland, who specialises in international HRM and cross-cultural management.

All of our HRM programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels are supported by visiting professors who provide guest lectures and teaching sessions to our students. This enables students to benefit from a wealth of practical knowledge to help them in their careers in HRM.

Woman in front of a computer screen at a seminar