Vice-Chancellor presides over London Met graduation ceremony in Sri Lanka

More than 700 students from ESOFT, London Met’s partner college in Colombo, received their degrees

Date: 02 October 2019

Professor Lynn Dobbs presided over her first overseas graduation ceremony as Vice-Chancellor of London Met at ESOFT College in Sri Lanka yesterday.

The ceremony, which took place at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Centre in Colombo, celebrated the achievements of more than 700 students who received their degrees certificates in front of an audience of 2,500 family members and distinguished guests.

Students on courses approved by the University study at ESOFT’s campus in Colombo but receive a London Met degree. Graduating students had studied a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes conducted at the ESOFT School of Computing and the ESOFT School of Business.

“Our partnership with ESOFT is now in its fifth year and it has proved to be an extremely successful collaboration,” commented Professor Dobbs.

“Partnerships like this allow us to extend our reach beyond our London campus and help ambitious individuals to achieve their potential and make a real impact in their communities all over the world.”

ESOFT is Sri Lanka’s largest, private, higher education network. Comprising 40 centres island-wide, it creates opportunities for over 30,000 students annually. Over its 18-year tenure, it has earned a reputation for high quality and affordable academic programmes ranging from certificate to postgraduate level, and encompasses a variety of disciplines including Computing, Business, Hospitality, Engineering, Language Training and Personal and Professional Development.

During the ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor was invited to take part in a traditional oil lamp lighting ceremony. This tradition is built on the belief that the light brings brightness and, in doing so, it dispels darkness so that individuals begin to see things clearly. The oil used to light the lamp represents negative human tendencies, with the wick of a lamp symbolising the ego. The flame, which always looks up, represents spiritual knowledge that evolves towards higher consciousness.

A picture of London Met staff with ESOFT staff at graduation in ESOFT, Colombo