Vertical Farming

The Cass contributes to historic workshop exploring the creation of an NHS vertical farm in Lambeth.

The Cass opened the Lambeth GP Food Co-op workshop on the potential of creating an NHS vertical farm in Lambeth.

Senior Lecturer Siân Moxon and Cass Projects' Jen Ng participated in the event, which brought together designers, GPs, local health and wellbeing organisations, and the Association for Vertical Farming

Siân introduced the theme of the workshop, presenting on the benefits of urban agriculture for healthcare, sustainability and biodiversity with reference to best practice case studies.

Urban farming could help green our cities, improving air quality, mitigating the effects of climate change and providing valuable habitat for wildlife. Creating vertical farms for therapy would also help the NHS to source local food, reduce its carbon footprint and improve patient recovery rates.  

Lambeth GP Food Coop asked The Cass to assist with the project following the success of the two-day ‘Agritecture’ event the School hosted on behalf of the Association for Vertical Farming in June. Siân was part of the winning team, CitiSalads. Her interest in urban farming brings together her teaching on sustainable design and her research in building for biodiversity.