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Two graduates win Student Start-Up of the Year award

Two London Met graduates have been awarded the Student Start-Up of the Year award thanks to their hard work and perseverance as part of the Accelerator’s Launchpad programme.

Date: 8 February 2019

London Met graduates Nadia Deen and Marion Marincat have been awarded the 2018 London Met Student Start-Up of the Year award.

Nadia Deen, a Jewellery and Silversmithing graduate, and Marion Marincat, a Banking and Finance graduate, were recognised for their business start-up ideas, which are being supported by Accelerator, London Met’s specialist business incubator.

Nadia’s online platform, AM Appointment, provides ‘advice and tips for women and people with vulvas, on how to achieve your best orgasm during self-play.’

Throughout her development phase she has been led by customer research and understanding and the idea has grown significantly since being accepted onto the Launchpad programme.

Mumbli was developed by Marion Marincat as a company enabling people to own the full potential of their experience of sound via a unique apporach combining technology and expertise, the environment and personal hearing. Marion won the prize due to his open-minded approach and taking on every opportunity available whilst developing the idea. He has started to build a Board of Advisors early on, a dedicated team and securing valuable partnerships. 

“Starting a business from scratch is a challenging and lonely journey, which is why being accepted on the Launchpad programme was like working with my super qualified team of friends who wanted me to succeed,” Marion said.

“Having Toby Kress as my mentor was extremely motivating, whilst Simon Boot, Natasha Triay, Jon Everitt and André Smith have all been equally supportive with mountains of resources in the development process. This award is a testament to our vision of transforming people's relationship with hearing and sound.”

Both Nadia and Marion are graduates of the Accelerator’s Launchpad programme which offers specialist business support to turn ideas into a reality.

Toby Kress, Head of Accelerator, said: “Both Nadia and Marion wholly deserve the Student Start-Up of the Year award and it is a pleasure to be able to award this to them.

“One of the best things about being on the Accelerator team is seeing genuine talent grow from being an idea to being a sustainable business and I am so proud to be a part of that.”

Run by Accelerator, Launchpad is London Met’s flagship business start-up programme. Delivered in one-day sprints over 12 intensive weeks from June to September, it gives passionate early stage entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools and support needed to fast track an idea into a viable start-up venture.

You can register your interest for 2019 directly through the Accelerator website.