Turkey and the Balkans: Europeanisation and De-Europeanisation

London Met lecturer to co-chair major conference.

Date: 18 December 2020

Dr A Erdi Öztürk, lecturer in International Relations and Politics at London Met, is set to co-chair a major conference on Turkey and the Balkans, in collaboration with the LEAP (Linking to Europe at the Periphery) Jean Monnet Network, and co-organised by Dr Basak Alpan from Middle East Technical University.

The online event will explore perspectives on the processes of Europeanisation and De-Europeanisation, with a diverse range of topics explored by scholars of Turkey and the Balkans from international institutions.

These include an exploration of Turkey and he West in the Balkans, and the expansion of Turkey’s political and economic presence in neighbouring countries which, combined with its drifting from the EU, has fed into perceptions of competition with the West; the nature of Serbian-Turkish relations from 2009 to the present day; the forces driving hostility in Greek-Turkish relations, particularly with regard to the Aegean Sea and the Cypriot Isles; and the Turkish influence in Bosnia and Herzegovina and how this is perceived differently by publics and politicians.

Dr Öztürk said, "This conference offers an opportunity to bring together a range of perspectives on different policy areas, to better understand Turkey’s complex and changing geopolitical influence.

"Scholars will explore themes related to diasporas, population change, the evolution of domestic and foreign policy, and perceptions of nationalism and nations in Turkey and the Balkans. I look forward to co-chairing what will no doubt be an inspiring and thought-provoking event."