Transforming Higher Education in Uzbekistan

Dr Alex Krouglov’s latest work has been featured as part of a worldwide publication dissecting Higher Education in Uzbekistan.

Date: 15 June 2017

The work of a London Metropolitan University Associate Professor has been featured in a new academic publication analysing Higher Education in Asia.

Transforming Higher Education in Uzbekistan: From Quality Control to Quality Assurance Culture was written by Dr Alex Krouglov, Associate Professor of Translation at London Met, and is featured in The Rise of Quality Assurance in Asian Higher Education.

The Rise of Quality Assurance in Asian Higher Education, published by Elsevier, provides information on the well-researched quality assurance frameworks, processes, standards, and internal and external monitoring that have taken place around the globe.

“The chapter analyses Higher Education in Uzbekistan and focuses on recent reforms which led to systemic changes in the Quality Assurance, increased use of ICT in learning and teaching, professional development of academic staff and HE leaders, development of innovative partnerships between universities and business and public organisations,” said Dr Krouglov.

“This is also the result of our involvement in the modernisation of the Higher Education in Uzbekistan through various projects funded by the British Council and the European Commission. Higher Education is playing an increasingly important role in economic and social development in the region, and London Met has become one of the leaders in sharing knowledge and expertise in the region.

“The chapter is also the result of our wider cooperation with colleagues in Australia and other countries in Asia. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Digby Warren, Catherine Connor, John Gabriel, Luli Velez and many other colleagues for their immense contribution to our projects and further developments in the region.”

Dr Krouglov was invited to write the chapter to be featured in the publication alongside other worldwide leading academics from around the globe.

A preview is available on Google books or a full version can be bought.