Toys for Elephants

Senior Lecturer Fiona French discusses developing toys to enrich the lives of animals in captivity.

Date: 3 December 2015

London Met lecturer Fiona French will present her research project developing toys to support playful enrichment for captive animals as part of the University’s Infinity Lecture series.

Fiona is the BSc Computer Games Programming course leader and is currently undertaking a PhD with The Open University on Animal Computer Interaction with a particular focus on elephants.

Although her research prioritises elephants, Fiona will also be exploring how you can use other methods to stimulate and entertain captive animals enriching their experience in captivity.

Fiona will present her own research and will discuss the use of smart games and toys and how they can be used to engage with different species to stimulate their behaviour patterns.

The lecture aims to encourage those who attend to explore an area or topic they may not have thought about before and develop their own opinions and personal ideas.

The talk is free for London Met staff and students will be followed by a question and answer session after the lecture. Refreshments will also be available.

It will be held on 10 December at 6pm at the Holloway campus.

The Infinity Lecture Series is a series of three talks hosted by the Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing which represent the three schools within the Faculty, Computing, Psychology and Human Sciences. Each lecture is designed to challenge the audiences’ way of thinking about the concept of ‘infinity.’

You can book your place on the Eventbrite page here.

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TM1-45, Tower Building
London Metropolitan University
166-220 Holloway Road
N7 8DB

Thursday, 10 December 2015 from 6-7pm