Tottenham Hot Stir

Alexander Sarafian led a weekend workshop where aluminium cans were melted down and cast in wax moulds to create beautiful and surprising objects.

Date: 25 February 2014

Alexander Sarafian, a Cass Free Unit student led a weekend workshop during which aluminium cans collected from the Lea Navigation were melted down and cast in wax moulds to create beautiful and surprising objects. The moulds were formed during conversations with local residents who had a chance to learn about casting. A unique record of local encounters emerged with rubbish transformed into aluminium gifts, with help by students from The Cass and members of the Holy Trinity Church working with the local community in Tottenham.

The workshop, part of In The Valley project established by Mark Brearley, was covered by local press including the Haringey Independent and the Tottenham Journal.

From metalwork to fabric, local manufacturing has been a foundation for Tottenham and its communities since the turn of the 20th century. Today there are new plans to regenerate the borough, with promises of quality housing and job opportunities. With this in mind it’s worth examining the potential of local craft once again, as a tool for development and a bright future in this troubled part of London.

Casting workshop A proud participant

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Venue: Wellside Cafe


 Casting workshop
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Waste into treasure 

 Casting workshop
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Community created moulds 

 Casting Workshop
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Alexander at work 

 Casting Workshop
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 Casting workshop
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Unique gifts created