The Public Art Experiment

London Met collaborates with British Council Hong Kong for Spark Festival 2021.

Date: 13 October 2021

In collaboration with British Council Hong Kong, as part of Spark Festival 2021, London Met’s Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso is set to lead an inclusive workshop, practically exploring public art, reframed through the screen.

The Public Art Experiment is part workshop, part participatory art project. It invites the participants to consider the following brief: "Take any space and imagine it as a public art place. What would you create? What themes would you explore? What would your visitors experience?"

The workshop is open to artists in any medium, as well as students and creative enthusiasts with little or no previous experience of artistic activities who want to find out more about new ideas in public art. 

Join the event to find out more about new ideas in public art, through an inclusive, practical and playful online workshop that reimagines the public sphere in our digital age.

collage of a city with palm tree, heart balloon and toy soldier overlaying the street

Event details:

When: Saturday 23 October
Where: Online
Booking: The Public Art Experiment - Online workshop and participatory art project | British Council