Siân Moxon's talk at TNOC Festival

The nature of cities

Lecturer in Architecture and Sustainability Coordinator Siân Moxon spoke at the Nature of Cities Festival to promote urban rewilding.

Date: 12 March 2021

London Met’s Siân Moxon recently spoke at The Nature of Cities (TNOC) Festival, to bring attention to how cities can be transformed for the benefit of people, wildlife and the environment.

The Festival brought together people whose work pushes boundaries to radically imagine cities for the future. Across a five-day programme, the TNOC Festival connected people and ideas on a global scale for a much broader perspective and participation than any one physical meeting in any one city could ever have achieved. The TNOC festival was held from 22-26 February 2021, and attracted 2200 participants from 72 countries.

Siân’s talk focused on the need to make changes to the way we manage and relate to our cities, particularly focused on the difference people can make at a residential level, in their homes, gardens and streets.

She said, “Residential streets are going grey as people pave over gardens and lay artificial lawns. We need to bring back urban greenery to help counter biodiversity loss and allow more species to inhabit our cities.

This vision of a rewilded residential street was a winner of London National Park City’s Design Ideas competition. Sian and her colleagues have since developed this into a website,, with information on urban wildlife species and habitats, and ideas for products and DIY activities to attract wildlife.

houses with trees outside