The law industry then and now

Professional in the law industry Craig Sharpe delivers a lecture to soon to be Law graduates.

Date: 19/10/2016

Last week our soon to be law graduates were visited by Craig Sharpe, Business Development Manager at Darlingtons Sols LLP, a small medium enterprise firm with fifty staff members, 20 of which are lawyers.
After being a practising solicitor, Craig now specialises in marketing law firms. The theme of the lecture was the legal profession, what has changed and why it matters to you. Craig hit the lecture with an astonishing fact "there are eight times more solicitors than there were in 1960". He claimed that the law industry is seen more as a service than a profession, as with evolving technology clients can find out what they need to know online. The effect of supply and demand in the law industry was also a hot topic; more lawyers means less work, which therefore also increases competition amongst firms. Craig pointed out to the students that marketing is the role of everyone in the firm, especially in smaller firms. Personality and commercial drive is becoming more important.
Marvin Fishley, a law student, said: “The lecture by Craig was very informative and eye-opening to the changes that have taken place over the years in relations to the legal service. He highlighted many important points as it relates to how we as aspiring lawyers should choose wisely as to the area in which we want to practice. The lecture was useful as it made me more interested in keeping up to date with changes in the law industry.” 
Guest lectures are designed to aid students with an insight into employability and the industry. Students at Guildhall often have guest lectures throughout the year.  
Craig Sharpe delivering a lecture.