The Hidden Curriculum

Annual Symposium for Fine Art Educators held at The Cass.

"Art teachers and students are in a bind. They do not teach or learn art, but they also cannot talk too much about the fact that they do not teach or learn art." James Elkins, 2001

What lies at the core of fine art education. This one day event offers a forum in which to discuss the nature of the fine art curriculum, and to reflect upon how it has changed – or not, since it’s introduction in the 1970s.

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Conference strand Speakers:

  • Alec Shepley – University of Lincoln; 
    Art Schools as Heterotopias.
  • Martin Newth – Chelsea School of Art, UAL; 
    Territories of Practice and The Fall of the Studio: Expanding space for risk, collaboration and agency.
  • Maggie Ayliffe and Christian Mieves – University of Wolverhampton; 
    Dirty Practice: Painting and the Hidden Curriculum.
  • Joe Woodhouse - University of Sunderland; 
    The Hidden Curriculum: Foundation Art and Design, pedagogies past and present.

  • Deborah Jackson - Edinburgh College of Art;  
    Approaching Alternative Organisation.
  • Katrine Hjelde - University of the Arts London; 
    Paradox and Potential: Fine art employability and enterprise perspectives.
  • Matthew Cornford and Susan Diab – University of Brighton; The Art School, the Art Student and the Post 1992 University.
  • Jennifer Walden - Academic Faculty of Technology University of Portsmouth (formerly in the School of Art and Design); 
    A different take on “The Hidden Curriculum” in Fine Art education. 
  • Renée Turner - The Willem de Kooning Academy, Hogeschool Rotterdam; 
    Outside of the Binary: Reconsidering the Relation Between Alternative and Accredited Art Schools
  • Natasha Kidd - Bath School of Art and Jo Addison  - Kingston University; 
    By Instruction: No Working Title Misunderstanding, misinterpretation, failure and disappointment.  The unstable intersection between what is instructed and how it is Interpreted.
  • Stuart Bennett - Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh; 
    A work of art is as useless as a tool is useful. 
  • Susan Liggett and John McClenaghen – Glyndwr University, N. Wales; 
    It wasn’t what I thought I was making”: Managing uncertainty in a speculative space
  • Stephen Felmingham, - Plymouth College of Art; Arguing out a Space: re-visioning criticality and student conference in a professionalized sector.
  • Dean Hughes - Edinburgh College of Art; What is the role of written practice within contemporary fine art education?
  • Sheila Gaffney - Leeds College of Art; Lost Cause?
  • Jake Jackson – Glasgow School of Art; Self–organised – De-centralised behavior without the rewards.
  • Alistair Payne, Glasgow School of Art; Who Is Hiding Now?
  • Catherine Maffioletti – Ravensbourne College of Design; So Many Ways to Practice: Research Methodologies: an unstable cartography of embodied pedagogics for embedding interdisciplinary arts/design practices.
  • Sean Kaye - Leeds College of Art; blip blip blip – An Independent Curatorial Programme as Unofficial Module.
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