The Government Inspector Returns - not to be missed!

In May of this year London Metropolitan University saw graduating students perform their final year show Gogol’s The Government Inspector. After three years of hard work and with a huge amount of passion for creating theatre the students finished the course on a high, receiving outstanding praise for their final production. 

 “Another great success from a truly memorable third year”
-Jacek Scarso

“True ensemble skills and a contagious passion for performance”
-Jacek Scarso

“I loved the show, it was brilliant and right up my camp old alley”
-Ian Summers

“A comedy of errors with a healthy dose of slapstick humour”
-Everything Theatre review

Now crossing the bridge between graduates and professionals a group of 10 of the Performing Arts students have decided to collaborate in creating a theatre company and re-stage their production of The Government Inspector to be put on in a professional London venue. As recent graduates they are at the transition between students and professionals and have decided to embark on this project as their first experience of working as professional theatre makers. Throughout their three years studying at London Met they have been given the opportunity to branch out and learn about all aspects of creating theatre with modules not just in performance but areas such as Directing and Community Theatre. They will be developing these skills during this project as alongside performing in the show they have also each taken on production roles, for example; producing, directing, marketing and working on costumes and props. All of these are transferable skills and experience in these areas will increase their employability in the professional arts industry.

It’s an exciting time for the company of recent graduates as they take the leap from students to professionals. …..  

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