The career-enhancing power of London Met

London Met was the perfect match for me, says Human Resources Management alumna Jessica, who has secured a promotion since her graduation.

Date: 7 November 2022

Graduate Jessica Pyle-Carter, recently discussed her experience as a Human Resources Management MA student at London Metropolitan University.

Jessica, who used to work as a Senior Business Operations Analyst for UKG, a leading company in HR which helps more than 70,000 organisations around the globe and across every industry anticipate and adapt to their employees’ needs beyond just work, was promoted to Operations Manager after her successful graduation from London Met.

She said, “Getting my Master's in Human Resource Management has significantly improved my career progression. I gained valuable knowledge of legal requirements, data analysis, and keys topics such as employee engagement.

“This allowed me to provide detailed guidance to my organisation, design appraisal and onboarding programs, and improved my confidence in coaching, interviewing, and conflict resolution. In addition, my Master's has significantly improved my people management skills. I have managed small teams both before and after my Master's and noticed a significant improvement in my change management, feedback, goal setting, and employee engagement.

“Deeply exploring drivers of employee motivation, organisational structure, and management best practices from academically verified sources has set me up for success in my management career.

“I would like to thank my MA supervisor Dr Eleni Meletiadou for her guidance and valuable feedback on this dissertation. Her help and continuous support made it possible for me to complete this journey successfully despite the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on myself and my family.

“London Metropolitan University itself was the perfect match for me. I worked full-time throughout and London Met's flexibility allowed me to complete my degree at my own pace. The convenience of the campus locations and online courses made it possible to fit school into my other commitments and the support from the teachers helped me stay motivated. I would not have successfully made the switch to being a remote student or completed my dissertation without the guidance and dedication of the faculty in my program. Overall, I would recommend the Master's in HRM at London Met to any HR professional wishing to take the next step up in their professional skills.”

Her MA Supervisor and Course Leader for BA Business Management and HRM Dr Eleni Meletiadou said: “Jessica was an outstanding student with a real passion for HRM. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, she worked hard and prepared an excellent dissertation on evaluating the impact of manager effectiveness on employee engagement and employee turnover.

“This study contributed to the conceptual understanding of manager effectiveness and explored not only what managers can influence, as previously studied, but under what conditions they may exert this influence on job engagement and voluntary employee turnover. I feel so proud and blessed to have been able to provide her with support throughout her MA dissertation journey and see her graduate.

“I am also delighted to see her thrive in a management role as she was able to secure a career-enhancing position after she completed her MA in HRM. I am happy that London Met’s HRM courses equip students with the skills and attributes that will enable them to compete with success in the complex and challenging business environment and employment market.”