Tandemize goes to Sri Lanka

The five recent CASS graduates participating in the Tandemize project are going to Sri Lanka this week.

Date: 1/03/16

Having finished their one-week residency in London in the beginning of February 2016, five of our recent CASS graduates who are participating in the not-for-profit Tandemize project are going to Sri Lanka this week. Their aim is to continue working with the University of Moratuwa students who visited London, run participatory workshops around the themes of identity and migration, learn traditional skills from local makers, and enjoy their visit to Colombo.

The residencies will culminate in a series of public-participation events held in the Bank Space at The Cass, as part of the official program for London Craft Week in May 2016.

Tandemize is an exciting cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary program that supports students and practitioners to understand the social and cultural impact of their creative practice.

The Cass alumni involved include Eeva Sarlin, Josie Wood, Roxanne Reynolds, Danielle Devoglio, Reham Elwakil.

Program director and curator:

Supported by the British Council.


Photo Credit: Eeva Sarlin

Photo Credit: Eeva Sarlin

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