Taking Green Impact to the City

Emerald City, London Met’s Aldgate Library team, have been taking part in this year’s Green Impact initiative.

Date: 25 May 2018

The second year of the Green Impact initiative has been met with roaring success at London Metropolitan University. Departments from across the University have been taking part and the Aldgate Library team are one of the teams for the 2017/18 scheme.

Working under their team name, Emerald City, the Aldgate Library staff have been working hard to build on their success from last year. The team is made up of Anna Walsh, Charlie Snelgrove, Emma Rampling, John Verrall, Liz Mortimer, Lucia Migheli and Robin.

“We’ve enjoyed many aspects of this year’s Green Impact scheme,” said Robin, who led the team.

“Most of all, we enjoyed revitalising the outside courtyard space and bringing it back to life. Last year, we made a real effort to repot plants which were over 25-years-old so it was appropriate that we continued to build on this theme.

“In the courtyard, we have established bird feeders, which have had real engagement with staff who are anonymously filling the feeders.

“We have been working closely with staff in The Cass to reuse old materials, such as cardboard boxes or old magazines, for our publicity material – something which fits the University’s sustainability mission.”

Their main achievements have been promoting the newly introduced roof garden at the Aldgate-based campus. London Met introduced the Aldgate roof garden in 2017 to address the lack or urban spaces in the City. London Met’s sustainability team and the Students’ Union worked together to launch the garden.

Emerald City have also been working hard to recruit new team members to join their team. The team have joined forces with the Aldgate Hub staff to create a bigger impact with their sustainability efforts.

The team have made a real effort to boost their social profile. You can follow their progress on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

Coordinated by the University’s award-winning sustainability team, Green Impact is a scheme run by the National Union of Students (NUS) which encourages staff from universities around the UK to do their bit for the environment.

London Met will be hosting an internal Green Impact awards ceremony on 25 May to celebrate the success of staff who have taken part. Teams are awarded Working Towards Bronze, Bronze, Silver or Gold for their efforts.

This academic year marks the second year the University has taken part in Green Impact. Find out about last year’s achievements.