Swedish Student gives us an insight on what it is like to study in the heart of the city.

Final year Sports Business Management student tells us why she came to study at London metropolitan University and her experiences so far in her course.

Date: 27/01/2015

Anna Tranchell Final year Swedish student talks about her passion for sports and how Sports Business Management degree will help her develop her career.

Why were you attracted to the field of Sports Business Management?

Sport has always been the most important thing in my life. From the age of 12 I started to compete in golf and practiced 30 hours a week. I was selected to play for the Swedish National team, and was awarded a full scholarship to study in the United States. However, I was unable to take my scholarship following an injury during my last semester at high school. This sadly ended my golf career as a player, but I couldn't go from a top athlete to do something that did not involve sport, so I decided to pursue a career in the sports business industry.

What made you choose to study at London Met?      

I have always been passionate about sport, so decided to study Sports Management. It was important for me to get the international experience at the same time live close to my family and friends in Sweden; so London Met was the best option. 

Did you do any work experience while studying for your degree?

Our lectures have always pushed us to get work experience while studying and I have done a lot. It has always been important to me to get experience within my field of education. After my first year I went back to Sweden for the summer to work at two ATP tennis tournaments, and after that it has just continued. So far I have worked with Limelight Sports, Lagardére Unlimited Scandinavia, and the ATP World tour Finals in London, so I am very happy with how my CV is looking.

How has your course helped to prepare you for the world of work?

My course has helped me to become more independent and provided the necessary knowledge that is essential and important in today’s competitive employment market. My teachers have experience of working in the sports industry themselves and they have motivated me to be even better and work even harder. The course offer trips to different clubs and stadiums and facilitates work experiences that are essential to get a deeper understanding of life after university. 

How has it been studying in the heart of the City of London?

London is an amazing city and offers everything. Within my degree London is great since it offers wide experiences and a lot of opportunities. And as a student you always have something to do, something to see and someone to meet. And as a sports student, there is no place better to study.

What would you like to do when you finish your degree? 

I am still in contact with Limelight Sports, the ATP Tour, Lagardére and the Ladies European Tour (golf), so who knows what will happen after graduation?

Anna Tranchell