'Studying at London Met has changed my worldview completely'

Alexandra reflects on her academic journey at London Met, from which she now holds a BA and an MA, and the career opportunities it’s given her.

Date: 28 July 2020

Alexandra Rappoport, who has just graduated with a Teaching Languages MA first joined London Met for her undergraduate degree, gaining a Translation BA in 2017 - achieving a distinction, and a first-class honours degree, respectively. 

“I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to study at London Met,” she said. I still can’t believe that my academic journey is now over. It was an amazing experience that changed my life and my worldview completely. 

“During my studies I was able to develop my creative and research skills through working on various projects and essays. All lecturers and tutors were very professional, helpful and friendly and helped me to achieve my goals. Lectures and seminars at London Met were interesting and interactive, I was able to share my ideas and views.

“Besides this, London Met provided different opportunities to implement my knowledge in practice and work with professionals in the field of my studies. Moreover, London Met Library was amazing — there were a lot of useful resources and places for studying.” 

She commented on the transition to studying online for the first time, as a result of the worldwide pandemic, saying, “it was a completely new experience for me. However, it wasn’t very difficult since my tutors and lecturers were supportive and helpful, and the library provided various online sources, books and articles.”

As for her experiences of living in London, she said, “I love this beautiful city. I made a lot of friends and there are always opportunities to attend different events. I would advise anyone who is about to start their journey at London Met to enjoy every day of your studies, and to believe in yourself.”


Alexandra Rappoport