Students deliver to Standard Chartered Bank

A group of students were invited to deliver their presentations to representatives from the Standard Chartered Bank.

Date: 8 December 2016

Students from Banking and Finance BSc had the unique experience of making assessed presentations in front of Senior Directors and Portfolio Managers of the Standard Chartered Bank, who participated in the formal assessment process and provided student feedback.

The Standard Chartered Bank is collaborating with London Metropolitan University in the delivery of Banking and Finance BSc, enhancing student learning experience and employability. This is the sixth year this university-industry collaboration has run.

Michael Rose, Oliver Waite and Jessica Fforde of Standard Chartered Bank who participated in the assessment panel were highly complementary about student performance and referred to the "high quality presentations”.

“Recognising the desirability of University-Industry collaboration, I try to use my background, experience and connections as a practising senior banking professional for many years prior to becoming a practising academic,” said Dr Nirmala Lee, Associate Professor of Banking and Finance.

The session was held in London Met’s Bloomberg suite. London Met is one of only a few UK universities to offer direct use of Bloomberg data, information and analytics. It is the financial sector’s leading provider of market data, news and analytical functions which is used globally.

Michael Rose, Director of the Standard Chartered Bank, added that as investment bankers, they used Bloomberg terminals every day. He noted that some of the students showed him some Bloomberg functions that he had not come across before.

Dr Simon Jones, Dean of the Guildhall School of Business and Law, gave a talk, welcoming the Standard Chartered Bank and motivating the students.

Image of Simon Jones speaking at the SC talk