Student sculpture on display for London Met’s Green Week

BA Fine Art student Laura Marianna Peltonen’s statue is on show in the Green Met Lounge at the Holloway campus

Date: 8 March 2016

Finnish born Laura Marianna Peltonen has spent the past month working on a sculpture to represent the theme of ‘Spring’ for London Met’s Green Week.

Green Week aims to raise awareness of climate issues and promote sustainability across the University. As part of Green Week, Laura was commissioned to make an arts piece to represent the arts and sustainability.

Laura, currently in her third year at The Cass, has been working on her display, named Kevät Herää (translates to ‘Spring Awakes’), for over a month as she has devised, sketched, tested, and finished the sculpture which is constructed from organic materials.

The artwork was inspired by Easter and the transition from winter into spring.

“The title "Kevät herää - Spring awakes" refers to the growing grass on the sculpture's feet. This is a reference to a Finnish tradition to plant grass seeds in pots on Easter as an allegory for 'awoken spring' after long, dark winter,” says Laura.

“I've always been interested in replicating the human figure in drawing, painting and more recently in sculpture form. I also tend to choose organic materials and themes as well as combining living plants with sculpture, which comes from my Finnish background and my love towards nature,”

The sculpture is on display in the Green Met Lounge at Holloway campus for the whole of Green Week.

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