Streaming, innovation and the future of music

London Met hosted a special all-day creative business event with guest speakers from a wide range of creative industries

Date: 20 June 2019

Students studying Music Business BA were given an opportunity to learn how music and creativity meet business at an all-day event, which took place at London Met on 12 June.

The event, which was organised in partnership with Music Managers Forum (MMF), one of the largest representative bodies of music management in the world, provided students with insight into new business models in music and gave them advice on how to make a profit from their creative passions after they graduate and enter the creative industry.

Milan Todorovic, course leader for Music Business BA, said: “This exceptional event was delivered and supported by our industry partners, bringing our students to the very heart of business innovation in music and entertainment.

“Our students engaged passionately with the subject and with the panel of experts, questioning, analysing and absorbing the very latest and best knowledge in music, media and entertainment industries. Students mingled and chatted with industry leaders, exchanging contacts, ideas and experiences. It’s also great that one of our own Alumni had been able to share her industry insights with our current students.”

Through the day there were engaging discussions and workshops where students learnt practical skills relating to the deals, royalty rates and revenue models used by today’s most advanced music streaming platforms. The day began with Paul Bonham, MMF’s Programme Manager, who shared the ways money is being made from streaming platforms by music creators, songwriters, managers, publishers, labels and the media. 

The final session of the day was a panel discussion comprised of top industry professionals shaping the key digital sectors. They debated some of the hottest topics in music, events, media and design industries, such as new business models for online music marketing, distribution, the role of tech giants and how innovation works in the industry.

The panel members were:

  • Assa Ashuach, Founder and Director of Assa Studio
  • Gabi Corbett, Music and Talent Manager at Vevo
  • Adam Goodyer, award-winning entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of LiveStyled. Adam is also an Honourary Visiting Professor.
  • Henriette Heimdal, a London Met alumni, is the Market Development Coordinator for Europe and the UK at CD Baby
  • Erik Nielsen, an artist manager and music business consultant. Erik is also an Honourary Visiting Professor.
  • Jessie Scoullar is the Founding Director at Wicksteed Works.

The industry experts also provided advice to students on the practical aspects of being an entrepreneur, innovator and business person in these fast-moving and highly competitive markets.

The event concluded with networking and gala reception where students and industry leaders networked, exchanging ideas and contacts.

Students engaged in conversation with Paul Bonham