Start-up success for Accelerator entrepreneurs

Aura Vision, a traffic monitoring and sales support solution for brick-and-mortar stores, is set to sign a multi-million-pound deal.

Date: 14 June 2021

A start-up run from London Met’s business incubator, Accelerator, is set to sign a multi-million pound deal with Virgin Media O2. 

The company, Aura Vision, is a provider of bricks-and-mortar store traffic monitoring and sales support solutions. Its cutting-edge AI connects with leading security camera brands in minutes. It can accurately count customers, their demographics and offer store managers full-location employee behaviour in real-time, with no new sensors needed.

Wayra UK, Telefónica’s startup investment arm, also funded Aura Vision with an undisclosed sum. The deal will see the startup install its footfall analytics-enabling Aura Processing Units (APU) in O2 shops. 

The APUs, which have already been trialled by Virgin Media O2, can be synced with in-store security cameras, whether IP or analogue-based, and are said to enable clients to perform "real-time" monitoring of customer behaviour and experience in shops — as well as sales tracking, according to a report by Telco Titans

There is also a possibility that Aura Vision’s product could be added to a suite of digital solutions launched by the O2 Business division last year to help retailers overcome the challenges imposed by social distancing measures. 

Aura Vision was founded in 2017 by Chief Executive Daniel Martinho-Corbishley, Chief Technology Officer Jaime Lomeli, and Chief Product Officer Jonathon Blok.

screen showing tracking information