London Met students in St George's Day Nature Extravaganza

A hardworking small group of individuals came together on Saturday 23 April to create a beautiful family and environmentally friendly area full of joy and positivity.

Students from London Metropolitan University's Theatre and Performance Practice BA course came together on Saturday 23 April 2016 as part of the Mayor of London's St George's Day celebration in Trafalgar Square. The environmentally friendly Nature Extravaganza event was open to the public and billed as a perfect day for the family.

The event, which was organised by Emergency Exit Arts (EEA), a street arts company renowned for its interactive experiences using visual performance, processions, puppetry, music and pyrotechnics, saw the students participate as multiple characters, ranging from a hugging tree to a little dragon, as well as helping with preparations in the run-up to the event. The invitation to London Met's students to participate as performers came from the EEA who have expressed their praise for their body of work and levels of professionalism.

London Met's Theatre and Performance Practice students work on one of their modules with the EEA, and are also currently engaged with the Royal Shakespeare Company's birthday celebrations for The Bard in Stratford.

Emergency Exit Arts is well-known for its eccentric and oversized moving installation pieces, ranging from puppets for book stories or elephants for festivals, and while this year the company downsized its creations it still offered plenty of explosive energy from morning until night.

The event witnessed an amazing turnout, with crowds of people passing through, getting involved and taking photographs, with evident and genuine enjoyment – the hallmark of a very successful day.

students dressed as a tree and a dragon