Senior lecturer is appointed as Associate Editor

Professor Dr Chris Lange-Kuettner has been appointed as Associate Editor for an established peer-reviewed journal publishing studies on cognitive development.

Date: 5 January 2018

Professor Dr Chris Lange-Kuettner (pictured), a senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University, has been selected as one of the two new Associate Editors for the peer-reviewed journal, Cognitive Development by the new Editor-in-Chief Stuart Marcovitch.

Cognitive Development is the flagship journal of the Jean Piaget Society, who support developmental research and organise conferences to explore the nature of the developmental construction of human knowledge. The society was created in honour of Jean Piaget, a Swiss clinical psychologist, known for his pioneering work in child development.

Prof Dr Lange-Kuettner said: “I am very much honoured to have been selected from so many scientists who work on cognitive development. I will look especially but not exclusively after contributions on non-verbal and verbal cognitive development by European researchers. I am also happy that my appointment contributes to the international reputation of the London Metropolitan University.”

The journal, Cognitive Development, is published by Elsevier, an online publisher which provides information and analytics to help institutions and professionals progress science, advance healthcare and improve performance. Cognitive Development is published several times a year.

A full list of the Editorial Board can be viewed on the Elsevier website.