Senior Lecturer creates new work in Japan and Italy

Dr Jacek Scarso creates new work inspired by Ikebana, the ancient Japanese tradition of flower arrangement.

Date: 05 September 2018

Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso, Course Leader in Theatre & Film, has created a new series of works exploring the idea of “staged nature”: the theatrical display of natural environments in art exhibition contexts.

The concept of the new work stems from his ongoing studies in Ikebana, the ancient Japanese tradition of flower arrangement. Through a creative collaboration with curator Takaya Fujii (a recent special guest in the Theatre Arts industry programme at the Cass) and a residency at Weissraum Gallery in Kyoto, he developed a new series of pieces, using installation, video and live performance. Some of the pieces were then incorporated in a collective work entitled Venice Vending Machine at Tate Liverpool, curated by Marina Moreno.

Over the Summer, Jacek was also invited to create his piece ‘Ospringe Road’, a sound installation set in an antique doll’s house, for Magione Arts District in Palermo, in a special exhibition coinciding with Manifesta 2018, curated by Cesare Biasini.

These projects feed into his scholarly research, for which he was invited to contribute to high profile conferences at University of Aberystwyth (TaPRA 2018), Kings College London, Lancaster University and Anglia Ruskin.

Jacek was recently awarded the prestigious University Teaching Fellowship in recognition of excellence in pedagogical practice, through which he will receive a grant to support new international collaborations with our programme.

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