School of Human Sciences come together to help tackle COVID-19

The multi-disciplinary team of scientists will use their expertise to investigate the virus.

Date: 20 August 2020

The School of Human Sciences at London Met has recently reached out to their academics to propose a joint venture to tackle the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The multi-disciplinary team of scientists, co-chaired by Professor Gary Mclean & Professor Kenneth White, will bring together different research expertise to explore new ways to help tackle and better understand the virus which has changed our way of day-to-day living since March 2020.

Professor Mclean said: “The School of Human Sciences has a wide variety of molecular, biological and chemistry researchers with a keen interest in working together to maximise their expertise in beating this virus”. 

Professor White added: “This initiative presents a great opportunity to blend together individual knowledge and experience and rise to the scientific challenge this pandemic presents. We hope we can make a real contribution to furthering our understanding of the virus and how to treat it”.

Findings from this newly assembled team of scientists will be disseminated in the future and made available on the University’s website.

Microscopic image of the coronavirus