SAM Labs visit

SAM will be coming next week to demo their wireless widgets: THursday, 15 January, 1pm

FLASH//FWD Talk by David Weiss of SAM Labs

Thursday, 15 January at 1pm in room CR1-01

The Internet of things
A presentation and demonstration of new wireless technology, with applications in art, music, design and architecture.

SAM Labs, a London based start-up, has launched a pioneering Development Kit that drastically lowers the barriers to entry in the Internet of Everything market. Start-ups to corporates, or even school students with an innovative idea that connects everyday objects to the Internet can use SAM to bring it to life and without the need for an engineering degree.

For information on this new technology visit

View the promotional video SAM The Ultimate Internet Connected Electronics Kit.

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Venue Commercial Road, room CR1-01
Website SAM Labs
Contact Allan Seago


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