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Julie Berdou, a third year Interior design student has won a prestigious national award for designing ‘WW – a mobile workplace that connects’.

Date: 30 May 2014

Julie Berdou, a third year Interior design student has won a prestigious national award for designing  ‘WW – a mobile workplace that connects’ submitted in response to the ‘Tomorrow’s Workplace’ brief as part of the RSA Student Design Awards 2013/14.

The Jury were very impressed with the detailed project work and therefore Julie Berdou won the Royal Bank of Scotland Award of £1000 for the Best Business Case. The jury were blown away by the thoroughness of the business case and the enthusiasm and commitment with which it was tackled it.

Julie was the only applicant to be short listed for both Workspace projects, the design and the business plan, from 80 entries. Winning the business plan and being commended for the design.

The brief looked at needs and requirements of future workspace with particular reference to technology. Julie's response looked at the mobile and nomadic worker with community environments.

Listed are the main features and corner stones of the project:

Mobility and Performance

A mobile work environment and a spatial solution in response to a significant shift of the work paradigm of Generation Y, enabling both, personal and work flexibility and mobility.

The future workspace embraces an engaging work experience, supporting a wide choice of work styles, regardless of location. People need to focus, but also they need to collaborate and interact. At WW space blurs the line between work and the city, mixing in with the community.

Media and Technology

New media, interpersonal communications and interactive technologies, enabling the user to convey and share information, is part of the WW experience and spurs creative enterprise.


Urban real estate costs demand maximising the use of minimal space. WW serves a greater number of people “just in time” in less space and at lower cost.

You can see work by Julie and other finalists at the RSA's Online Showcase.

Innovative Design - Julie Berdou

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