Reward and engagement under the spotlight

Professor Dow Scott from Loyola University, presents guest lecture series on Reward and Employee Engagement.

Date: 05/01/2016

Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law was delighted to welcome Professor Dow Scott from Loyola University, Chicago as part of our guest lecture series. Professor Scott has written extensively on the topics of reward and employee engagement, and specifically the role of financial and non-financial rewards in contributing to and building employee engagement. 
Dow delivered a guest lecture to an enthusiastic audience of undergraduate and postgraduate students - a talk which revealed some interesting and important findings from his latest recent research. The talk offered many useful insights into the role of rewards as antecedents to engagement and revealed the pivotal importance of non-financial rewards such as work climate, career development opportunities, work-life balance and the nature of the job itself and job design in fostering and maintaining employee engagement. 
Professor Scott, together with the Dean of the Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law, Professor Stephen Perkins, then travelled to Brussels to deliver their Panel Presentation on Pay Preferences at the 5th European Reward Management Conference (RMC 2015).