Recent Alumnus gets a Graduate Role at Morgan Law

Recent Graduate of 2014 lands Recruitment Consultant Role at Morgan Law.

Date: 27/01/2015

Eraaz Ali graduated in 2014 with a 2:1 in Business Management. He recently landed a graduate trainee role in recruitment consultant at Morgan Law. Eraaz has got in touch to tell us how studying at London Guildhall School of Business and Law helped him kick start his career.  

Tell us about what you have been up to since finishing University?

Actively researching the industry I wanted to go into, which is recruitment, to make sure my knowledge of the industry was up-to-date e.g. industry turnover and trends, difficulties faced on a day-to-day basis and how I would overcome them. Key things I focused on were to make sure that my personality shone through at all times, that I communicated my skills effectively with examples and most importantly, to show and demonstrate a commercial mind set, as this is one of the most desired factors employers look for in graduates. I was unsuccessful at a number of interviews before I landed my first role in recruitment.

What do you/ did you enjoy most about your course?

Doing the Business Management BA allowed me to explore and learn about the many different sectors within the world of business. I very much enjoyed the flexibility of learning about finance within a business and how it works and operates, and then learning about various business legislation a couple of hours later! The aspect I enjoyed the most was the practicality of the module itself. This was emphasised in the module Management, Investigation and Recruitment Report, which was taught by Jalil Ahmed who is a fantastic tutor for this module. This module allowed me to pick the industry I wanted to go into, and base the module and its assessments around my desired industry. It allowed me to research the industry, compile a detailed report on recruitment itself and most importantly, it gave me the chance to have relevant interview practice.

Did you do any work experience while studying for your degree?

I took part in a four month sales internship in between my second and third year at university, so the summer of 2013. Doing some sort of work experience while you’re studying for your degree is extremely valuable, as it not only gives you valuable work experience to talk about during an interview, where you can talk about the skills you gained and the challenges you faced, it also gives you a chance to show your employer what you learnt which is great, but more importantly, it shows a degree of pro-activeness which will make an individual stand out from the crowd.

How did / does your course help to prepare you for the world of work?

The Management, Investigation and Recruitment Report helped me to prepare for future interviews and also gave me an insight into the industry I wanted to go into in more detail. The module definitely made me appreciate the highs and lows of job searching and shows the need to prepare and come across well. All the other modules that were taught, also helped me to develop an insight into how businesses are run, which is extremely valuable.

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